Cirque de Soleil

Circus! Or new circus, if you will. Cirque de Soleil is a circus without animals (that is, other than humans), but with even more show and gymnastic splendour. Erik had invited me last Saturday. It’s the first time I have been to this kind of circus and I really liked it. It was terribly expencive, so I’m not sure if I think it was worth it money-wise, but the show was good. The performers varied a bit, but most of them did spectacular things in the air or on the ground. Lean, strong, completely in control of themselves.


This guy made my belly flutter


The clowns were almost the best part of the show


These two were my absolute favorites. They were perfectly coordinated, super-flexible and made art with every movement. I want to be that strong.

alegria-31 alegria-cirque-du-soleil

And the costumes were magnificent, by the way. In a cool way they sort of remind me of the costumes we saw in the Opera a couple of weeks ago.

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