Charity party

A couple of years ago the student scout group (TSSG) had a problem paying for their obigations to Redd barna (Save the children). It had been based on the return of bottles (pant), but people weren’t drinking enough (emagine that). Then I suggested that we could have a charity party in stead, to “force” people to drink and get incom from cover charge. It was an instant success and they are still doing it 🙂 And lucky for me, this years’ party was the weekend we went to Trondheim.

So here are the best pictures I have from the evening. These are also the only pictures that I took the whole weekend (except some on Erik’s phone).


Waiting for the bus, perfect nostalgic Trondheim weather (that is, icy as hell, wet and rainy)


Red is the right way


The hostess




Anne was doing monochrome. She also let us sleep in her house the whole weekend. Thanks!


I wore my Beate-dress (inherited from Beate). Erik loves the neckline… Oh, and Eystein has just started working on his masters thesis on how countries use weapon trade a tool in governing the economic balance in the world. Very exciting!


You can see how interested I am.


Priska is turning Norwegian (and has started doing a PhD, I heard rumers at least)




Do you give to charity?

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