So some more that I spend time on right now. It’s more in the electronic corner, some more trancy than others.


Admiral fallow – tree bursts in snow

More of an indie electronic pop-thing.


Lindtrøm – Smalhans

Norwegian DJ and producer. This new album is an ode to the new resturant Smalhans in Oslo. All the titles are food and the music is really good (but more in the super-electronic corner)


Icona pop – Iconic EP

So you have probably heard the song “I love it”, the rest of the EP is worth a listen too. It’s upbeat and suited for the dance floor or just a terribly boring day at work… (they are Swedish, if you wondered)


Lemaitre – Relativity 3

A Norwegian duo, well into the electronic pop corner, it has only four songs, but you should listen to more of their work, it’s really good.

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