Week 10


This is me after this weekend. It was just the perfect weekend. But almost all weekends I spend at home are perfect. Friday I first celebrated my birthday with my parents at Plah (pictures later) and then went out with all my friends at Tekehtopa. I even got presents!

Saturday we had all the time in the world, finally had time to clean the flat (the dust bunnies were killing us) and then had a super social day. First birthday lunch with Ida, Erik’s sister, at the new restaurant at Grand Hotel (super lunch!), then dinner with Ruben (nothing beats fresh pasta and bacon), Cirque de Soleil (circus!) and finally Ruben’s going away party. We were quite beat by the end of the night, so we didn’t stay long, but it was nice to say goodbye.

Friday we had our traditional American pancake breakfast, yum. I spent the morning doing (Scout) paper work (it never seems to end) and how now paid my fine to the government for crashing into a lamp post (not recommended). I had a wonderful run in the warm, sunny weather and then wecut a couple of threes behind Erik’s parents’ garden, to use for this week’s scout meeting. I even had time for a short budget meeting before the day was done.

This week has a lot of scout meetings and another wonderful weekend.

  • Monday it is time for the gym again.
  • Tuesday I’ll pop by the scout office and finalise a budget that has been causing me trouble.
  • Wednesday it is the monthly troop meeting and this time it is all about pionering and making things with poles and rope.
  • Thursday is the first meeting of the jubile committee for Duddelibu’s 50 year anniversary, which I’m in. We have to decide what to do and when to do it
  • Friday we’re going to see My Fair Lady at Folketeateret with Fredrik and Karianne, so much fun.
  • Saturday has no plans, except celebrating Erik’s birthday. Maybe a party?
  • Sunday I’ll keep open and see what happens 🙂

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