Week 12

Wow, this 2013 is really coming along nicely. I am still stuck in 2012, that is, I’m still not used to writing 2013, but maybe I’m just getting old…

The whole weekend was spent in Paris or travelling. But I managed to take some pictures! I went straight from work (early, even) on Friday and spent the rest of the day travelling. Saturday we planned the RoverNet 4.0 that will be in Malta in May, ate wonderful French food and planned some more. I really can’t decide it I like France or not. The food is wonderful, but I hate the breakfast. And with no breakfast I turn into a grumpy bugger. The dinner(s) was nice though, and the people I work with on RoverNet are great. Sunday we only had a short session, which gave me a whole day in Paris. But all I wanted was to go home, so I wasn’t as happy as I probably should have been. Oh, well. I walked around, had coffee, saw the Eiffel tower again and flew Ryanair home.

This week I’m doing a PhD course in Oslo and I’m trying to empty my to do-list and inbox before Easter.

  • Monday we have yet another flat to look at and I have to say hello to my inbox again. Maybe I’ll even have time for the gym.
  • Tuesday I will donate blood at Blodbanken in Oslo. I usually have too low values, but I go anyway to try and to get a new wine glass 😉
  • Wednesday I’ll try and visit the scouts and their patrole meetings, we have to tidy the apartment because on Thursday we are having someone over to clean the flat for us! Yes, we are contemplating paying someone else to clean our flat and now we will try and see how it works. Other than that I probably have some reading and writing to do.
  • Thursday it is the annual general assembly of my region in the scout association and I am going to do my duty. You know, vote, talk and try not to get any new positions.
  • Friday Erik has plans, but I don’t (which almost never happen), so I don’t really know what I want to do. Maybe I’ll go shopping. I need a new jacket (or two) to wear over dresses at parties.
  • As everyone are usually going away for Easter, we haven’t made any plans, but we are both working next week as well, so it’s just an ordinary weekend. We will probably meet nice people, get some fresh air and just plan for Italy 🙂

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