Week 16

The feeling of weekend sort of lingered on to Monday, so I’m a bit late with Week 16. Anyhow, it ended up being a really good weekend. I keep saying this, but at home-weekends are the best. I should probably take the consequences of this and start saying no to things.

Friday I tried the rowing machines in the gym for the first time. Then I met up with Åse and first had dinner at Cafe Løkka at Grünerløkka and then beer at at bar around the corner. She had to go home to her dog, but Erik came and had a drink with me before it was time for bed.

Saturday was a slow breakfast, then I headed to Bekkestua to have lunch with my parents, talk and show pictures from Italy. When I came home we made grilled haloumi, couscous and tomato salsa for dinner and then everybody (aka Kristian, Silje, Åse, Martin and Karen) came over. There was an epic round of Munchkin and some cocktails and suddenly Saturday turned into Sunday.

I had an early morning Skype meeting with Jón about the games we are going to play with the participants when we are in Malta in a couple of weeks. Jón is one of my favourite crazy Icelanders and I really like working with him. And then I went climbing! It’s been ages and it was really fun to climb with Kristian and Silje. I think Klatreverket is overpriced, but there is nothing I can do about it. The Sunday ended with an epic dinner and a movie-date.

This week has a lot of scouting in it, but also some space for relaxing.

  • Monday there was another dinner and movie-date, this time home made pizza and “Thelma & Louise”. I have never seen it before and I highly recommend it. In the middle I had a short Skype meeting discussing the anniversary of the scout cabin of the student scout group. The celebration will be in August 2014, we are just trying to be prepared…
  • Today I have a longer Skype meeting preparing Rovernet in Malta in the beginning of May. We are getting closer, have participants and now need to get everything together.
  • Wednesday I’m going to the gym again. I went to a heavy lifting-class last week and was completely wrecked for two whole days. So I thought I’d go back this week. And afterwards I will pop by the scout house to see how things are going.
  • Thursday Erik is out and I have no plans. I probably have paperwork I should do, but I think I might try to get some company for dinner.
  • Friday I hope I have time to stop by the gym before I go to Nøtterøy outside of Tønsberg. It is the time for Roverløft 2013 at Torød and I will be there and support the team through the weekend. I will also talk to rovers and do a presentation, but mostly just walk around. Hoping for warm weather the whole weekend! I’ll be back on Sunday, but I don’t know what I want to do then. Go climbing? Another date night with Erik? Maybe we should look at some apartments? We’ll see!

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