Week 17

You know, the weeks just keep flying by. This weekend has been a glorious sunny experience and I even saw my first russ (high school graduate in red pants), so now I am totally ready for spring. I have a sunburn on my nose and slept under the stars.

This week will be much like last week, different kinds of scout meetings, apartment hunting and maybe I will manage to get to the gym more. My plans keep shifting all the time and mostly because we find new apartments we want to see or deside that some aren’t good enough after all.

I have no idea how many we look at every week, but it feels like a thousand. We almost bought an apartment on Friday and we might buy one today or another one tomorrow. The apartments we look at get bigger and more expensive, but I’m not sure what we will end up buying. And they are all over town, so it will be interesting to see where we end up.

The biggest difference this week is that I will be home the whole weekend! ­čśÇ Friday night we are spending with Tone, but the rest of the weekend is wide open. Wonder what we will do. We have to do something really good, because the next three weekends in a row are all filled with scouting…

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