Week 18 (house!!)

The most important thing that happened this weekend happened today, we finally bought a house!! I’m this happy –> 😀 It’s not a whole house, it’s an apartment, but it is huge (75 square meters)! We will get the keys on Monday 17th of June, so now starts part two of this house hunt; desiding what to do where.

But about this weekend, it’s been a good one. Friday Tone turned 25 and had invited friends over to Henriken (review later) for beers. Erik and I had made chocolate cake and it was a very jolly evening. If some of the pictures are any good I will post them here.

Saturday we breakfasted and desided to go to Bekkestua to get our bicycles that had been there over the winter. Then we cycled home, a perfect ride in wonderful weather. We made pancakes with ham for lunch, I had a nap and then we went to my friends Tina’s place in Ås.  She’s a PhD candidate here at CIGENE with me and her husband just got offered a new job (after he finished his PhD here in a couple of weeks) so they had a party. They invited all their Indian friends (they are both from India) and us. We had so much wonderful food (I absolutely homemade chapati) and talked and laughed a lot.

Sunday we did a final search on finn.no, then made a plan and went out on a last hunt. We had lunch at Alexander Kiellands plass (Kasbah – will review that one too) and looked at three more apartments and went home. Pizza and the last Jason Bourne movie before bed.

This week suddenly changed now that we bought the apartment, but I guess it will look something like this:

  • Ola and Nils are coming for dinner tonight. Moose and red wine are on the menu, among other things. And some champagne for the new house!
  • Tuesday I will hit the gym and then I have more meetings to prepare RoverNet in Malta.
  • Wednesday is a day off and we have no plans yet, but we will probably do a lot of work on the apartment then.
  • Thursday the only plan is the gym.
  • Friday we have the first meeting the the seller and I thought I might stop by a meeting, but we will see.
  • Saturday we are working at the patrole competition in Oslo, to see which will go to the national championship. We will be out all day helping out.
  • Sunday there is nothing, but maybe we will celebrate the first Sunday in a long while without any apartment hunting…

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