Week 20

So the year is coming along nicely and we are already in the middle of May. This weekend was (as you know) spent doing sessions on various topics of rovering and travelling. I was home at 19 and Erik had made dinner (there was even wine!). This week is another week with a bank holiday and is filled with preparations for the canoe trip and cramming for my R exam.

Monday I have to answer all the emails I got over the weekend and I have a meeting with Roger about the progress with ExplorerBelt 2014. I am also planning to go to the gym (about time!).
Tuesday is Erik and mine’s official two year anniversary and we are going to do something amazing that we haven’t decided yet.
Wednesday I will stop by the scout house as usual and hopefully go to the gym.
Thursday I have no plans, but Alexander is in town so I hope he has time for me then.
Friday is the 17th, so there will be a big breakfast, bunad, kids, icecream and good people.
Early Saturday morning we leave for the canoe trip with the scouts. We will be back on Monday night and hopefully they will have learned how to canoe and we will have had a wonderful weekend.

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