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So today is the last day of camp here in Stavanger and as always it seems as if it had just started. It is always like that with scout camps. I have had a week with bloody brilliant Autralians, walked pulpit rock (Preikestolen), managed 10 kids from 12 to 16 years for a week and held an activity on democracy training. I have met lots of old friends I haven’t seen since the last national jamboree in 2009 or in Trondheim last year. Some have babies, some have moved, many are in new relationships, but all of them are just the same.

I tink that is one of the things I like the most about scout camp, how you keep meeting your friends and you alway start where you left off the last time. Today is the marked day and the finale with lots of acticities. But we also have to start taking down the camp as we are leaving tomorrow. And as I am flying out very early tomorrow I also have to pack everything Erik and I need washedand take it with me.

Saturday I will be in Oslo doing everything that needs doing before we leave for Seattle and South Korea. I am really looking forward to four weeks on adventure with Erik ­čÖé

But now I have to get up because the activities start soon and the kids will be back from their overnight hike and we have to be prepared.

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