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40 cool maps to make you change your view of the world.I especially like the one on paid maternity leave, the busiest air routes, global populations density and the rubber duckies.

Then you have the 50 perfect life hacks, for everything. Just to make the details of your life better. Like bacon pancakes.

Then more on the Norwegian election. In this comment, they defend young people’s right to be counted as valuable and the importance of targeting young people in campaigns to increase the number of total votes.

Then a sad article on how Norway is the worst country in Europe on dealing with youth in crime and how nothing has happened in 5 years.

Vietnam is sinking, because they are taking out all the ground water. Soon the south of Vietnam will be under water.

Oh, I think I want to read this book. Maybe I can ask Erik to buy it on his Kindle. He bought a new one when we were in Seattle.

And this minimum wage that they to in USA is just rubbish. I don’t understand how the people of USA think that it is right to allow companies to pay people less that it is possible to live on.

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