The plan



This is my life plan. This is what I will be doing the next 2.5 years. I am the top line and Nicky is the bottom one. You probably don’t understand what it means, but the important bits are:

  • I will try to submit my first manuscript in June 2014.
  • I will try to submit my second one in September 2014.
  • Then I will a whole year to work on my last manuscript before my defence in December 2015.

This autumn I still have 15 credits to finish in addition to the analyses I’m doing, so you can see I am happy I didn’t become troop leader in Longship or committed to anything else. I still have Komit├ę Speiding and a couple (five) projects there, but none of them will finish before Christmas, so I’m good. And there is only 1.5 weeks until the house warming party, so not much left of fixing the apartment either.

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