This is probably one of the strangest things that happened in Korea:

we went to a water park/aquarium in Yeosu where the world expo was in 2012. It had a huge water tank with sharks and fish lots of space to sit and watch. Then people started gathering and suddenly a girl in a sailor outfit started talking. We didn’t know what was happening, but stayed put with our coffee. Then suddenly music started playing and three free divers/dancers/artists appeared.

DSC_4452 DSC_4418 DSC_4419 DSC_4420

They danced to different songs, here Macarena.

DSC_4421 DSC_4422 DSC_4423 DSC_4424 DSC_4425 DSC_4426 DSC_4427 DSC_4428 DSC_4429 DSC_4430 DSC_4431 DSC_4432 DSC_4433

While fish and sharks would swim by.

DSC_4434 DSC_4435 DSC_4436 DSC_4437 DSC_4438 DSC_4439 DSC_4440

It was a spectacular sight.

DSC_4441 DSC_4443

The last song was “all I want for Christmas is you” (in July!) and it started “snowing”. It was hilarious.

DSC_4445 DSC_4447 DSC_4448 DSC_4449

And everybody loved the show.

DSC_4450 DSC_4451

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