Exercise plan

I have not been exercising as much as I should to keep healthy lately, but Erik managed to get me out of the house on Sunday. We did a “power” session at Elixia and Erik tricked me suggested that we enter the challenge. The challenge is to attend Elixia 20 times the next 60 days, which is just crazy, but we are going to try.

This means 3-4 times at the gym a week, as if my calendar is not full enough… But I will hopefully be much fitter by Christmas… So this week I went yesterday, and will have to go at least Wednesday (after a meeting) and Thursday (before packing for Trondheim).

I am going to die…

2 thoughts on “Exercise plan

    • Takk! Jeg er stolt jeg også. Men det ser ut til at det nok blir med 2-3 ganger i uka enn 3-4, men om jeg får til 3 ganger i uka i to måneder blir jeg kjempestolt 🙂

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