Scones for my coworkers

Probably one of the simples things I have tried to make is scones. I was baking for my coworkers and because I didn’t dare do something with yeast, I made scones.


I picked the recipe from one of my old recipe books from school, so the scones are probably not very British, but simple. The dough was made just by mixing everything together. I guess I should have known that the recipe was too easy, but sometimes that is what you want. Something simple.


I then cut the dough in four, flattened the loaves on plates and cut them again in four. I hope you excuse my orange kitchen walls, we haven’t decided what to do with them yet. Unfortunately they are not the best for food photography.


They didn’t look very pretty, but I hoped they would look better after they had been in the oven. And no matter how they looked, I knew they would taste really good.


I was sorry they didn’t rise more, but I have never been good at getting things as fluffy and light as they should be. But nobody thought that baking was my fort├ę, did they.


In the end they tasted really nice and everybody at work were very happy, so I am content. What do you like to bake?

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