1 year

This Monday last year was my first day on the job as a PhD candidate. I settled into my office, got to know people, tried to get all the papers in order and to understand what I should really be doing here. I have now completed 1/3 of my time here and I am quite sure I have not completed 1/3 of the work of my PhD. That’s probably the only thing I can be absolutely sure of. It’s not that I haven’t done things, I’m just training and practicing and then you’re not very efficient.

In a week I will (hopefully) have completed 25 of the 30 credits I need and in three weeks I will have even more results from the transition disequilibrium test ready for my supervisor group. I really like working right now, because my days are varied, what is do is interesting and I know what to do, I just need to figure out how. And I guess that this “treasure hunt” for methods and being clever is what I really like about research. That you have to use everything you know and be super smart to do really good research.

Many things have changed the last year, but the two most important things are still the same, my passions at work and in love. The next year I will have to work on the first two of in total three manuscripts that will become my thesis, so there are many things to look forward to and to aim at. Still a lot go get done and find out.

Imagine a whole year in the same place with the same people and the same daily rhythm. It’s the good live, I tell you.

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