Christmas gifts for myself

I have bought myself two Christmas presents already, both bracelets, but quite different.

The last one was bought in a flash and the other one I have searched for for a long time.

This one is made out of parachute cord and is made to take apart if you need it. I have to admit that I bought it for the nice colour and the coolness, but still.

I bought it at Speider sport during their Christmas campaign last week.


The other one is a pure gold bracelet. I have been searching for a thin and elegant everyday bracelet in gold for a couple of years now, but now I “just did it” and bought one when I found it. I have been going to normal jewellers, but no one had anything like it. But at Thune by Stortinget metro, they had this one, one lonely bracelet, in a box hidden away somewhere. I absolutely love it and have worn it every day since I bought it.


Now I only want earrings like that star, in gold, so I can wear them everyday too….


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