Hjem kjære hjem

Hjem kjære hjem or Home sweet home is a play witch is on Samfundet at the moment. I went to see it a week ago and I just have to recommend it. It is originally a Danish play and is played for the first time in Norway here at Samfundet.

So, hjem kjære hjem is about a young man and soldier returning from Afghanistan to Norway after being stationed there for a while. It portraits an evening at dinner at his friends and his girlfriends home. It is a psychological drama that shows the human aspect of the war in Afghanistan and how us back home react and think about the issue and how the soldiers handle the situation of being in a war and not at the same time.

The play was only one hour and 15 min long, but it was really intense and it sort of kicked you in the head. It forced you to think about what war really is, how we interact with those that go to war on our behalf and made me think about what I really think about this issue. I know several boys my age that have been in Afghanistan and I am really relieved that my brother will not go there. Another issue is how we help those that have fought in a war. How do we support them and help them back into ordinary life bak home?

If you have time, go see the play! Theater is good for you.

PS: I saw another play at Samfundet, Closer, some weeks ago. It is the original play that the movie Closer is based on. I really recommend the movie 😉

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