I have now spent a week 1,5 hours south of Frankfurt, Germany and the whole time we have had 27 Celsius and no wind every day. It has been like a summer holiday instead of Easter. Magic.

I am sunburned everywhere, back, nose, shoulders, arms and hope my tan will last till it gets warm enough in Trondheim to show some skin… I went shopping for dresses and am the proud owner of three new ones. I will try to get pictures, but for now I’ll just say that they are all short, one choral summer dress, a white tube cocktail one and a champagne colored short gala dress which is now number one on my daring dresses list. I love it. Them.

I have walked around in as little as possible for a week now and am not looking forward to Trondheim and it’s 15 degrees… I’m just hoping that the leaves have sprung, at least a little, and that the flowers have come. Because in Frankfurt the magnolia ended it’s blossom last week and all the trees are flowering.

But even so, I’m a bit homesick. It’ll be good to come home to my own house and to finish this semester. I have a lot to do the rest of this week and after that my time will be shared between studying for exams, lab work for my master and museum work. And then I’ll have holiday one time in july, I think.

Warm and sunny hugs from Germany.

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    • You know, the magnolia blossoms fell from the tree while I was there in in Trondheim maybe half of the trees have buds… There will be a long time coming to my next summer this year… 🙂

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