It’s not that many day ago that I posted pictures of the last snow and yesterday I spent a couple of hours on the veranda enjoying the sun with bare legs and a hat to give me shade. Things are happening so quickly now, flowers are popping up everywhere and the sun just keeps shining and shining.

I went to the opera yesterday, to hear a little concert with some of the academic choirs from Oslo and Trondheim. They had the concert out on the roof (which is a normal spot for a concert, actually) and it was just wonderful. The sun was shining, I met a lot of old acquaintances and had some wonderful red wine on the terrace. And then we went home and had sushi and champagne as a night snack. I love being home. Good food, good weather and good people.

Tonight I’ll be going to Germany and then there won’t be any blogging going on. And my camera is broken, but I haven’t had time to get it fixed, so I won’t have any pictures for a while. But here are some randoms for you:

I have done this myself, eaten very cheap food to be able to buy Vogue.


I’d really like these boots from Guiseppe Zanotti, but they are, as always, a tiny bit out of my league…

The t-shirt for me, right now.

I LOVE this bracelet/cuff, it is a giant fly! A perfect combination of biology and fashion ­čÖé

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