I suddenly decided to go to Boston, USA, next week. It took 1,5 days from the possibility appeared to I had the tickets in my inbox (you never have the ticket in your hand anymore, do you?).

This means that:

– I will buy a new camera the next week.

– I will have to work 60 hours and check the results from five weeks of constant lab work in 8 days.

– there will be no more social life in addition to the plans I already have.

– I need to start packing. Not just for Boston (that should be easy), but for my epic trip to France and back again too. Because when I get back to Trondheim I will have to go almost directly to Oslo to start my journey to France.

– I probably shouldn’t be blogging the next week…

Boston here I come!

2 thoughts on “Boston!

    • Takk! Jeg skal være borte en uke og helgene i begge ender, så egentlig blir det en ganske kort tur. Det var alt det var tid til. Så bli kameraet med så jeg kan dokumentere 😉

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