US of A

We went to a flea market and a raffle thing. One guy designed t-shirts like this one. I love that the world is so small that you can find your fandom on the other side of the world. Hipsterville made me feel terribly and wonderfully normal, but it was cozy.

We went shopping to get Erik some new clothes. He needed it. I am very pleased and I hope he is too. It was fun. But I won’t recommend Abercombie and Fitch though, the costumer service there was terrible. J Crew on the other hand was fantastic. And they had so many pretty things that I had to look down when I walked through the lady department. And on a second note, Banana Republic too. Great service, good clothes, nice prices.

We had the most amazing view from the roof of the Air b’n’b apartment we rented in NY and it was so surrealistic to actually be in NYC.

My “breakfast with a view of Manhattan” shot

This is the reason why Erik was in Boston in the first place. Him and Stian (the one on the right) and a third one are going to start up RESolar during the next year as part of their master degree in entrepreneurship. And they hope to actually make a living of it. At least earn money. And Boston is supposed to be a great place for entrepreneurs so there they went. This is their office at Boston University (they are part of a Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program at BU).

We went on a harbor cruise to see a bit of Boston harbor. It’s important to be touristy when you are a tourist. And it was terribly hot out so it was great to spend some time on a boat away from the boiling streets.

Ingeborg, Erik and Boston harbor.

I had some time to myself while Erik was at school and ended up taking pictures of people I saw. Here I am in the Boston Common, the park in Boston. I just loved her red pumps so I had to take a picture. She looks so stylish even with all the commotion around her. They didn’t have a real botanical garden there (and I didn’t have time to visit the one in Brooklyn), but the parks were really nice.

The lake and the bridge and just behind it you will find the swan boats.

Wonderful old streets in Boston. Even the shops had flowers outside. While walking through the old parts of the city you felt how old the city was (at least for USA) and it is very European in a way. The narrow streets and the cobble stones made it so much more cozy and friendly.

This is our wonderful hostess in Boston, her name is Khadijah and she is wonderful. She has written this. I am really pleased with Air b’n’b and recommend it to everyone. It was a really good way of finding cheap lodgings and to get some insight tips on what to do just in that part of town where you are staying. Try it! Khadijah happened to be something right between Erik and myself an entrepreneur who writes about biology and science. It was so fun meeting her.

This is the park closest to where Erik lives in Brookline just outside of Boston. We spent quite a lot of time doing nothing while I was visiting. It was wonderful. I very seldom do nothing and just lying in the sun reading or having lunch in the shade was just what I needed.

This was my second day in Boston. A random guy wanted us to take his picture, so then we asked him to take ours. I will be going back to New York. There are still so many things yet to see and do. Even though we went to the Met and Broadway I still haven’t seen the park or the statue and I need to do some real shopping there as well. But NYC will still be there in 10 years and I’m in no hurry. There are so many other places I want to see as well. The list is just getting longer and my plans are full as always, so it might take some time.

What to do?

So, I’m trying to figure out what to do while I’m in Boston.

Humpback safari and the New England Aquarium has been suggested. And for me it is mandatory to take a stroll through the botanical gardens. In Boston they both have The Arnold Arboretum (a tree park) of Harvard University (Harvard!) and a botanical garden called the public garden, so I’ll definitely go wandering in the park(s). And maybe I’ll visit the Coit Observatory and gaze at the stars?

I’ll have to do a bit of shopping, but I have no particular plans except to buy myself a new backpack (you know, a big one).

There will be a weekend spent in New York. I think there will Broadway and Brooklyn Brewery, but other than that, we’ll just see what happens.

Any suggestions?


I suddenly decided to go to Boston, USA, next week. It took 1,5 days from the possibility appeared to I had the tickets in my inbox (you never have the ticket in your hand anymore, do you?).

This means that:

– I will buy a new camera the next week.

– I will have to work 60 hours and check the results from five weeks of constant lab work in 8 days.

– there will be no more social life in addition to the plans I already have.

– I need to start packing. Not just for Boston (that should be easy), but for my epic trip to France and back again too. Because when I get back to Trondheim I will have to go almost directly to Oslo to start my journey to France.

– I probably shouldn’t be blogging the next week…

Boston here I come!