It`s all in the feeling

What makes a season for me has always been the smell. I love the smell of rain on dry asphalt, of pollen (I guess that`s what the Spring smell is), of freshly cut grass, of clear Autumn air and rotting leaves, the smell of fresh snow and of melting snow and rotting grass. They all smell like a season. But then you have the smells that belong to seasons as well. Smell of ski wax, of oranges and cinnamon and of sunscreen.

I haven`t worn long pants or tights in three weeks, I think, even though it isn`t actually that warm outside. But when I`m actually just inside my office and always have a sweater or silk scarf close by, then it works wonderfully.

Summer upgrades this far:

Summer 1.0: sun bathing during Easter

Summer 1.1: BBQ in Horten

Summer 1.2: always bring shades

Summer 2.0: shorts or skirt every day

New upgrade:

Summer 2.1: changed my usual lotion with sunscreen. It moistiourizes and smells like summer

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