Summer memories

A long day followed a short night and I gave myself some time at home, just to relax. And since I had mentioned pictures from the North Sea Cycle Route, I looked to see if I could find any. Ah, summer holidays, me want!

As I mentioned, ice cream is a very important part of our holidays.

Sometimes I wonder if I eat more calories than I burn, even though we cycle every day. Three course dinners every day don’t help a bit…

This is lunch after one of the ugliest climbs last year. Norway is just a great big uphill climb.

Helmet hair!

We also spend a lot of time being tourists. Here we are taking in the view at Lista.

The view to Denmark.

In Norway it is necessary to bring packed lunch when cycling. In other countries we just had lunch in a town we passed, but here we had lunch on a beach with a good view to the ducks and the motor way.

It’s really nice to get to see the towns we are staying in. To see the sights and get a feel of the town. And then you can’t cycle for too long every day.

It’s always only been the four of us on our trips. And every year our humor gets a little bit worse. This is my brother and me – Ze dream team.

The mandatory uniform of bicycle shorts and sandals, and a lot of skin.

Ice cream! Since I’m lactose intolerant I try no to eat too much ice cream, but I can’t resist it every time. But sorbét is a good solution to the problem.

As I am a big biology nerd I never stop nerding and here I am showing my father a beautiful member of the Carex family. They are all very forgiving when it comes to me being a big nerd and always teaching them new things 🙂

I come from a family of great sand castle builders and we never let a good beach pass us without making an attempt.

Mom has complained that our trips get more and more expensive. She blames the fact that we are now four drinkers of alcohol…

But when you cycle through all these small towns with local breweries, you just have to try them out… Og well. The four of us will be going to France this summer, there might be some good food and good wine there as well 😉

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