No France yet

Since I am such a wonderful (and eager) planner I still haven’t found the time to play with my photoes yet. I give you this in stead:

The coolest guy ever

My life right now: my dream is to get a PhD and become a real scientist, I have so much wonderful music in my life after Øya and I have started preferring Champagne and asparagus over almost anything else.

These three are from a new blog love, The glamourai. This picture? THE WALLPAPER. And maybe the stairs. Those are the kind of stairs you need killer heels and a magnificent gown to walk down.

First I was only thinking about the chains on the bed and the slits for them, but I also love how it is part of the sitting room in a way.

First, bookshelves. I obviously have a thing for them. And I love the combination of old fashioned whole wood table and very modern chairs. Especially in combination with the modern chandelier. And the double doors. I have way too expensive taste for my own good.

You know what? There’s only one week left. And now I have been waiting the whole summer.

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