I have attended a really good course this week and one of the less useful things I learned was how to calculate “reisedøgn”, that is, how many days you are away from home, traveling, during a year. The one teaching us said that he traveled 200 days a year or something and I started thinking about how much I travel myself. And so I started counting. It is considered one day if you travel 24 hours. Day number two is another 24 hours, but from the third day every new day is counted if it has lasted more than 6 hours.


Jan: 8 + 2 + 1, Feb: 2, Mar: 1, Apr: 2 + 1 + 11 + 2, May: 5 + 1, Jun: 2, Jul: 11 + 13, Aug: 14 + 6, Sep: 1 + 2  + 12, Oct: 1 + 2, Nov: 2 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 2.

Sum: 110

Considering there are 365 days in 2011 and I haven’t counted December, my count would be 110/ 334 = 0,33. I am actually just spending 2/3 of the year here in Trondheim. Counting weekends I probably barely spend half the weekends of the year here. The sad thing is that is has barely anything to with Trondheim. I would still travel as much if I lived in Oslo. Maybe it would have saved me 15 days a year, but not much more.

I am having one of my rare weekends alone in Trondheim and during the weekend I will be up to date with all my scouting work, I will have had three meetings, one dinner date and have worked at Samfundet. And hopefully my pictures will be organized, my flat clean and tidy and I will be rested for next week. I fear there will not be much sleep next week…

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