Cocktails! Tromsø?

Last night was cocktail night at my place. I like to invite 3-4 people, mix drinks and talk about life. It is a wonderful way of spending some quality time with my friends and to introduce them to each other. No pictures were taken, unfortunately, but there were cosmopolitans, something that ended up as Tequila sunrise and something that consisted of frozen raspberries, Kahlua, dark rum and gin. It actually turned out really good. It was a good night, but since I am going to Tromsø now the next cocktail night is still a long way off 🙁

Tomorrow I am going to Tromsø for 9 days to do a course in phylogeography at the University of Tromsø. I am very exited about the trip, but don’t really know what we’ll do there. So fingers crossed! I’ll be gone for almost two weeks and stop by a scout event close to Oslo on my way back, so I have a lot to pack today. I need everything from city wear, books and articles and warm clothes for outdoor living.

When I get back to Trondheim UKA is only a week off! I really can’t wait to spend four whole weeks in Trondheim. In a row! 🙂 It will be the best October ever, just you wait 🙂

I have tons of pictures to post, just not the time. I’ll try to get some of the pretty ones out this week. Who knows, maybe I’ll have free time in Tromsø…

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