I am an active scout, as you know, and three weeks ago I was in Ås in a meeting. We have meetings about once a month and sometimes we travel to national events and such as well. This time the meeting was together with Speiderstyret, our elected scout board in the association (I was not elected, but appointed into Komité Speiding). I thought I should take some pictures of what it actually looks like.

This is Raymond. He started in KS just after the summer and he is my better half in KS. We are both working with rovers/rangers. So now I don’t have to do everything myself anymore.

This is Håvard and Karl Erik in Speiderstyret. The meeting with both groups was very nice. And it is good to know who they are and how they are as well. We don’t meet very often, so it is good to know each other.

Many had been to the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden this summer, so there was a lot of fika at the meeting. Fika is something (usually hot) to drink and a small bite of something. The Swedes love it.

Arne (to the right) is the leader of KS, that is one busy life. He will end his engagement in June next year and we have already started speculating who will succeed him.

It was a wet weekend, but as you can see, there was some sun and wonderful autumn weather.

We are scouts, after all, so parts of the meeting was held outdoors.

Raymond and I were responsible for after dinner entertainment and he taught us this wonderful game. You need a cotton stick (or whatever it is called) and the trick is to transfer it from person to person. Preferably from upper lip to lower lip.

Like this.

But if you don’t have the right kinds of lips, it can be really difficult.

It was hilarious. We laughed our asses off.

We never managed to move it more than twice before everyone were in fits of laughter.

(like Monica here…)


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