Guetta – etta – etta

Ok, so yesterday was incredible. It was so much fun. I supposedly danced for three hours straight and I was so drenched in sweat and beer that I needed a long shower after the concert before I went to bed.

The support were really good, but we didn’t hear much before Guetta himself went on.

As mentioned before, it was a wonderful night (my thoughts on the matter might have been influenced by the two bottles og champagne I shared with Erik before we went), the music was good, he played only songs I knew and his DJ’ing was terrific (and the critics agree).

The light show was really good and David himself looked like he was loving it up there.

It is a special kind of feeling to dance with 6500 other people. I never would have guessed five years ago that I would like it, but I did!

I am really pleased with the two major concerts I have gone to this UKA. House and electronica is definitely what’s what in my life right now.

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