Robyn FTW

So I was at the Robyn concert last night, even though I should have been home sick, but I couldn’t miss out on Robyn. I have been wanting to see her for ages now and this was my last chance. Her concert was doubled up with John Olav Nilsen & Gjengen, which is a norwegian band I have listened to a little, but not much. But live, they were terrible. It was just a mush, the sound was terrible, the guy couldn’t sing and the light was boring. So 1 hour of boredom there.

But then Robyn came on and everything changed. I know it helps when you know ALL the songs, but she is just a fatastic performer. Her singing and dancing, how she tied the show together, the lights and the video and everything. I completely forgot how my back hurt and how hungry I was and was just completely happy for an hour. The only drawback was that I would have wished for a song or two more, but the rest of the audience seemed to be tired and wanted to go home.

She said that it was the last show she would do with the Body Talk album, so I’m excited to see what she will do next.

Robyn <3

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