New year, new beginning?

Christmas was great. I got to spend time with my family and friends. I was sick (but I always am) and got better. I didn’t excercise that much, but I got some fresh air. I am definitely grown up now, because the gift season has passed in my life. But I got a wonderful dress from Erik and the world’s best mittens from Tone. So I am more than pleased.

I am now back in Trondheim and the first three days here will pass in a frenzy of moving. Already today we have cleaned out 3m * 4m to have someplace to store all the stuff I won’t need in the apartment with Erik. So now I just have to pack the rest of my belongings into boxes (and in the process decide what I will need the next 6 months). Tomorrow we will move everything over to the new apartment and Sunday is cleaning and unpacking.

There were some things I should have done this holiday, but my brain just swithed off when I left Trondheim. But Monday is a new beginning. Until May 15th (4 months) I will spend long days in the office, work out 2-3 times a week, have dinner with friends and go to the theatre and concerts. The weekends will truly be free time, but the work days will therefore have to be very productive. Super structured life – here I come. There will be some Komit├ę Speiding, but little. There will be some ARK, but nothing else.

This is it, now I have to show that I can do this.

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