Wish list

Since all the peope I know already have bought me something for Christmas (dad being the only one asking me what I wanted for Christmas), I thought I could put my list out here. Just so you see what kind of person I am.

– new running shoes

– fancy cross country skis and new boots

– (smart) phone

– MacBook Air

– trip at a museum with a trip to a coffee shop afterwards

I realize tha tmy ski fancies follows my boyfriends and I wonder if this is my “egg” from Running Bride. But I think this will be a better investment. New phone and new computer is a definite must and I will have to buy it myself soon. I think that is how you realise that you are grown up – you could just buy everything yourself.

Oh, well, I still have three more days to wonder what I’ll get for Chistmas. I think I’m already at eight year old-level.

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