Lybia tessellata

First, thank you to google for the picture.

Then, today’s blogpost is about this wonderful crab that was today’s article on Wikipedia some time ago. Why do I love this crab? Well, mostly because it seems to have an obligate relationship with a sea anemone (the species differ). It never actually uses its claws (their not actually called that, but this is not hard core science, either), but gets one anemone on each claw and then uses them both as protection agains predators and to eat. The anemones have poison that protekts it from predators, and when the anemone eats (whitch it does by stinging small animals and then digesting it partly externally on the top of its body) the crab will use its mandibles (mouth parts) to take some of the anemone’s food. Why is this cool? Because you have a whole species (or genera, maybe?) that doesn’t produce poison or anything itself, it just utilizes another organism’s abilities. I like it! (to read more, go here)

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