Busy -> nervous

I am back in Trondheim, I am busy, but have a social life and get enough sleep at night. I just, haven’t had time to sit down with my computer (or Erik’s computer as it really is), to post pictures from Romania, because this final oral exam is hanging over me.


Then I’ll get my final grade on my thesis and will finished at NTNU (and probably in Trondheim as well). It is such a strange feeling.

Thursday we’ll barbeque with people from the Museum and this weekend Erik and I will go hiking and get some fresh air. And on Monday I will start working in the lab and continue to apply for jobs and PhDs. I sent one while in Romania and will send another this week. This job hunting business is tiresome. But I still have no clue where I will be in the end of August, so I just have to keep on writing (and googling).

How’s your summer holiday? Started yet?

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