Lab work at an end

(Photo from Instagram: bulldozerborg. My lab journal, the samples (DNA extractions) I am using and the ones I selected for today’s run)

The lab work seems to be over now. I will complete the PCR and gel electrophoresis I’m doing right now and then the next thing on my do to list is to send everything to Germany and then wait for my results. And then we will see if we get the same patterns (or lack of patterns really) as I did with the microsatellites last year (aka in my master thesis).

As I have told you, I am applying for jobs like my life depended on it (because it does) and yesterday I was invited to my first job interview! I know an interview is not a job, but it was a great boost to get invited after only four applications. It made me believe that I will actually manage to find a job before the summer is over and all my money has run out.

I have started to come to terms with the grade on my master thesis and as I have had to look at other options than only PhDs (even though I am still able to do a PhD in some universities) I have begun to wonder if I really want that life. The secure and safe life in an ordinary company with an apartment and 8-4 days sounds better and better every week. Maybe what I need now is not a life of even more uncertainty, but the boring A4 life. I mean, I have never tried it. This summer I have completed 18 years of continuous school attendance. That’s a lot.

Well, we’ll see. The next month will be exiting, to say the least.

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