I have decided that I need to learn programming. The idea has been with me for a while (a year or two), but I have had too many things on my mind to do anything about it. But now it has been on my To do list for a year and I find more and more job applications where programming skills are an advantage, so now I have enrolled for the Udacity course “Intro to computer programming”.

I know next to nothing about computer programming, but the courses seem solid and I have Erik to help me, so I think it will work out fine. I have given myself until the end of August to finish the first course and hopefully I will have started a more advanced one too. The courses are with videos with real university professors and tasks and quizzes, and there are final exams in all courses. And when you do the final exam you actually get a diploma, so you can use it when hunting for jobs. Lovely.

It will be exciting to see how it works. I hope I will manage everything. It’s strange not to have anything to do and everything to do at the same time.

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