Glaucus atlanticus

I have found a new cool piece of nature! This one is called Glaucus atlanticus and is a marine gastropod, that is a slug that lives in the ocean. As you might know, I really like sea slugs because they have a number of wonderful adaptations (and they are terribly pretty).

This one is just your ordinary sea slug, it eats one of the most poisonus jelly fishes in the world (the Portugese Man o’ War) among others and gathers all the venom in small sacks and then transports those sacks out to the tips of its appendages (“fingers”). It also manages to make the venom even more concentrated, so it is even more dangerous than the jelly fish. How cool is that? I mean, in stead of getting stung and die, it just uses the venom in its own defence system. It doesn’t swim around either, it just floats on its back. Sounds like a chill life.

If you want more pictures of pretty sea slugs, I recommend this page, which actually is a site were you can contribute with your own pictures of sea slugs (nudibrancs) and then find out which species it is.

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