The last six months I cut down on my travelling to have time for writing up my thesis. But now that is over, my travel shedule is back to normal. Which means A LOT of travels. Because of all the interviews I’m going to, there is even more travelling than normal.

Already I have been to Uppsala for an interview and Stavanger for “Lederløft”. Last week we were in Trondheim to pack all our belongings and this weekend we are going up there again to move everything into storage in Oslo. On Monday I’m going to Molde for another interview, Thursday I will do a Skype presentation of my master project and an interview for a PhD position in Germany (Halle) and on Sunday I’m flying to Bergen for yet another interview.

That week I am also doing a course in bioinformatics (you already know that I’m learning Python from Udacity) at the University of Oslo, so we’ll stay in the city for a week. And when classes end on Friday I will pack up all my summer dresses, because on Saturday we are off to Tunisia!

So Uppsala, Stavanger, Molde, Trondheim, Bergen and Tunisia in just six weeks. And October is just as bad. Elverum and Fredrikstad for scout events, London for my grandfather’s 80th and Geiranger for the annual general assembly of the Norwegian Scout Association. I just realised I don’t really need someplace to stay, I’m never there anyway… But hopefully I will have someplace new to move to soon. It’s time to get a job (and maybe some money as well).

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