More python

I’m back with my programming course (at Udacity) today, after a whole month of other things. It was hard getting back to lectures and quizes. Not that I have been lazy, I did do another course and had a week in Tunisia, but still. I have spent a couple of days zapping throught the Internet before I managed to get back in the saddle. But right now I’m applying for a couple of jobs where I will need some more programming skills, so I thought I should try to get throught this course by the time I send those applications.

I really like Python. I really do. And I like getting my hands dirty with computers. I like knowing more about computers. And to be able to do a backup of all my pictures from my external hard drive to my domain through the terminal 😉 It has run for four days now and has uploaded 9150 elements and has 8107 remaining…

PS: seems like I will be moving soon, too 😉

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