Number 500

This is my post number 500 on this blog. And I am only 12 days short of my two year anniversary today, too!

The Christmas holidays have been good thus far. Erik and I spent the 23rd at home, having a short run, dinner with Ruben and a slow evening. Christmas Eve we spent with our separate families and Christmas morning we had time for a run before breakfast with my family. Christmas day it was time for dinner with his family and Boxing day there was turkey and games with mine. After three days of being the best children ever, we have (and will) be spending the rest of the holiday with our friends.

Yesterday and today we have been at home, working (Erik didn’t have any extra holidays), but we are keeping a low pace and have lots of invitations to fresh air and cake. It has been both strange and very nice to spend the majority of the holidays in my own home. Not living out of a backpack and to have some space even in the middle of super-social-times.

Erik will have his annual Christmas wok tomorrow and we have invited some friends over for dinner on New Year’s Eve, so I guess this year will end very well indeed. 2012 has included so many life changing events and I wonder what will happen in 2013. It is a strange life and it will continue to evolve and develop. And soon I’m turning 25 and will be flying towards 30. Wow. Well, I’ll stay with 2012 until the end.

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