Two news articles for you this afternoon, one about being busy and the other about lying.

The first one, “are you as busy as you think” is about how we think we are so busy all the time, but really how the small things that we don’t notice steal our time. Ida Jackson has written a similar blog post on how to save your unhappy marriage with the Internet (in Norwegian). It all has to do with using tools that help you measure what you are actually doing, not what you think you are doing. Now that I have gotten my new PC, I will start using Rescuetime, to see what I am actually doing while at the office.

The other article is about how Japan is experiencing an alarming percent of confessions in the legal system. The article is in Norwegian, but I learned some new, disturbing things about Japan. Almost everyone that are prosecuted are convicted. Almost everyone confesses. The police can do what they want with you the first couple of days. Suddenly I am very happy with Norway…

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