Week 3

This weekend was a good one too, even though we didn’t get to clean the apartment as we had wished. But there was a lot of good food, some shopping (feels like I haven’t done that in a while) and exercise. Friday I went swimming after work and when I came home Erik had made a wonderful meal, bought flowers and we had a very good Italian wine.Saturday we were super efficient. We went to our storage and got the last of the winter sports equipment and some books I was missing. Then we had lunch with Erik’s parents and did a round through the shops at Majorstua (this is the point where I bought three new pairs of shoes and a dress). In the evening we had tapas at Meatmarket at Aker Brygge and went past a friend’s party on our way home. Sunday we were up early and got some execise before brunch with my parents at Mat & Mer (slow service, good food) at Bjølsen. I ended the weekend with my fifth scout meeting of the week.

But this week is mutch better, or at least not as crowded as last week.

  • Monday is the day for the late weekend cleaning and looking for tickets to Italy for Easter holidays.
  • Tuesday there is another date night. We are going to see “Life of Pi“.
  • Wednesday is the first troop meeting (Scouts) after Erik and I decided to be real scout leaders again.
  • I am really looking forward to Thursday, because I am coming home with Tina after work. She has invited me for real southern Indian food for dinner with her family. I can’t wait to taste real, every day Indian food.
  • Friday I have no plans, but I might be going into the woods to entertain some scout leaders around the camp fire.
  • Saturday is empty and I am happy keeping it that way.
  • Sunday I’ll probably go for my weekly weight lift session and in the evening we have another planning meeting in the scout group.

It looks to be a good week.

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