Week 6

The weekend ended up being slow and full of good things at the same time. Friday we went climbing for the first time in ages, because of our climbing scout meeting this Wednesday. I haven’t climbed in a while and wanted to practice a bit before the meeting. I really love climbing, it is just so expensive. The rest of the night we just had dinner and got some paperwork done. A slow Friday at home, just what I needed.

Saturday I slept late, had a slow breakfast (Erik was out cross country skiing) and walked around Sagene with Åse. We sat at Kaffebrenneriet, talking about work, politics and boyfriends, life essentially, for hours. I did a tough session at the gym, went home to change and then there was “French evening”, the annual party of the 2CV club after the annual general assembly. The food was magnificent! (apparently it was all I could talk about for the rest of the evening)

Sunday we had no plans at all, a really good feeling early in the morning. We bought plane tickets to Trondheim later in February, rented a car in Italy for our road trip and we have started looking at tickets to South Korea. Oh, and we are going to see “My Fair Lady” at Folketeateret with Karianne and Fredrik. Ah, so many good plans. We watched a terrible movie (“The five year engagement“), cleaned the apartment, had salmon, mashed potatoes and bacon for dinner and were sad because I will be away for a whole week from Thursday.

This week will be fast and Danish, I guess.

  • Today I’m doing a long day at work and then a run in the evening, I guess.
  • Tomorrow it will be exactly two years since I met Erik for the first time, so we are going out to have dinner. Tapas is always a winner, meat and cheese, who could resist?
  • Wednesday we are going climbing with the scouts. But first we will do this safety pass/test/thing (brattkortprøven), to be allowed to secure people while climbing.
  • Thursday I will be going directly from work to the airport. I bought a new carry on suitcase last Wednesday and now I will take it out for a ride. I will return early Wednesday morning next week, so I wont see Erik for almost a week 🙁 So, I will have to bring both training gear, scout uniform and everything else you need for five days of meetings and discussions.
  • The weekend I will spend getting up early, talking a lot and getting to bed late. I’ll keep you posted.

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