Looking back

These days, as we are planning holidays and wonderful things to do the next months, I can’t help but think about how life was a year ago. It is strange to think that it has only been one year since I was sitting in my office in Trondheim, thinking that the master thesis was still a long way off. Now I am a master of biology, I am a PhD candidate, I live in Oslo and my life is just so different when keeping in mind that nothing has actually changed. I’m still doing biology, I’m still doing genetics and computer programs, I’m still with Erik and I have the same friends.

xkcd had a new comic today and it made me laugh, because I too, have been scrolling alon the river Lena (in Russia), trying to find civilization. I didn’t do it for fun, but because I was trying to find places that were mentioned in the descriptions of the samples I used in my master thesis (and there aren’t that many, as you can see) by Russians travelling 60 years ago.


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