Week 8

This weekend was a social one. Dinner (and breakfast) with Fredrik and Karianne on Friday in their new, fantastic house in Jessheim. We had the best time, tried all their different types of glasses and enjoyed the luxury of out of town-living. Saturday we went back home to Bjølsen, then I spent some hours just talking about life at Bjølsen Bakeri with Beate. Then suddenly it was dark, we made homemade hamburgers (with lots of meat, bacon, cheddar and home made bread) and had some good beer. Fride and Tarjei were visiting Oslo because Tarjei was playing at By:Larm, so we met up at Smelteverket, one of the new bars at Mathallen. It was crowded, evidently very hip, but even though the beer was good, the bartenders were super-slow. But we were a great gang of people, so it was a good night. Sunday we were going to go sleigh riding in Korketrekkeren, but I got this season’s flu, so we ended up spending the Sunday at home, talking about where we want to go in South-Korea and just chillin’ 😉 We’ll see how working goes this week.

This week is filling up with meetings, I hope I will be well enough to go to the gym and then we are going to Trondheim!

  • Monday we are having dinner with Ruben, and hopefully going to the gym.
  • Tuesday I have a meeting with two others in Komité Speiding about important rover business and recruiting new members to the committee.
  • Wednesday is still open.
  • Thursday I have ashort Skype meeting.
  • Friday we are off to Trondheim! On Friday night I’ll be at a charity event with the student scout group.
  • Saturday is the big party, DTP (Den Træge Patron), the gathering of all the technical clubs and groups at Studentersamfundet.
  • Sunday we’ll be going back home again, brunching before we leave and relaxing when we get home.

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