Do you know how to do computer programming?

Many of my friends with more technical backgrounds than I have re-posted and re-blogged this article about introducing programming in schools, so children will learn how our most important tool works. I think it is a really good idea, not only that children know how to use a computer, but also how to make one. It is important that everybody knows about IT and knows how it works. This is another good article about the same. The cool thing is that it is a grassroot initiative, that ordinary people are doing the work and getting organized.

As you know, I learned programming only six months ago after contemplating it for a while and after geting the final push from my boyfriend. Now I regurlarly urge others to do the same (mostly because I am around PhDs a lot). But I really think it would be beneficial for many (if not all). If you want to start you own business and need to set up a website. Or you deal with data analysis in some form (as I do) or something else.

I really recommend the python course I did at Udacity, but there are many places you can do it. Do it!

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