Week 15

This is the longest I have gone without blogging in a long while and it has been really good just to be completely disconnected. I will tell you more (and show pictures!), but I thought I’d give you a short recap of my trip to Italy.

We flew to Bergamo, just outside of Milan, where we had rented a car. The first day we stopped by Cremona and ended up in Parma. We spent a day in Parma, went to Florence to visit Victoria, then started a tour of Tuscany. We went to San Gimignano to see the towers, Siena to see architecture, Montalcino and Montepulciano for wine tasting. The last days of the trip we spent in Florence and a one day-trip to Pisa to walk up the Leaning Tower.

Yesterday we cleaned the apartment and went to look at even more apartments in the wonderful sunshine. It’s crazy how you only have one day to decide if you want to buy a house. This week seems to be a lot calmer than the weeks before Easter, I hope.

Today I’m back at work and tonight we have a meeting for all the leaders in the scout group.
Tuesday I hope to be back in the gym.
Wednesday is open, but we will see what happens.
Thursday I have to register all the scouts that are going to the national jamboree (landsleir) this summer and to all the paperwork.
I think I have to go to a scout seminar this weekend, but I am trying to get out of it. I have too much on my plate right now.

Oh, and this was the first blog post written on my iPad! We brought it to Italy and I am now completely addicted to solitaire (yes, I’m that kind of person) and really love this thing. I think it will definitely be worth the extreme price.

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