Week 11

This weekend ended being something completely different than I had thought. Theatre with Karianne and Fredrik on Friday was really nice. My Fair Lady at Folketeateret is really goodand I highly recommend it! We also happened upon a bottle of champagne that made the evenening even better.

Saturday we finally managed to sit down and look at apartments for sale. We had our list of priorities, so it wasn’t that difficult to decide wich we should go and have a look at. In the middle of apartment hunting, we skyped with Ruben 🙂 He is well settled in South Korea and will start to look at the big boats this week. Suddenly it was late, so we cleaned the apartment, grcery shopped and made a roast, all in a hurry. Then there were dinner guests, cake and a party 🙂 All in all a very good ‘a week in advance’ birthdy party for Erik.

Sunday we had breakfast, Erik had to work, I went for a walk, then my parents joined us for a trip to look at some apartments. The first one was terrible, but the second one was really good. It is a bit expencive, almost as fas as we can go, but it is wonderful. So we have decided to bid on it. Wish me luck!

This week is filled with meetings and Paris already, and now there will be some apartment hunting as well.

  • Monday I’m back in the gym and after that, Ida is making me dinner.
  • Tuesday I have a Skypemeeting with the Explorer Belt project leader-to-be and hopefully I’ll finally have time to empty my inbox again.
  • Wednesday it is our monthly meeting with Komité Speiding, that takes all night.
  • Thursday it’s either the gym or more apartment hunting. Oh, and I’ll have to pack for Paris. I really hope the weather will be good there.
  • Friday I’m going straight from work to the airport. Flying is getting less and less glamorous the more I do it…
  • The weekend we will plan and get to know each other and have fun. My flight on Sunday is really late, so I’ll probably get to see some of Paris as well.

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