Week 13

It feels like it has been a while, but it was finally time for another perfect weekend. Friday we went to Little Saigon just around the corner from Youngstorget for dinner because Erik and Morten were going to see Louis CK (the comedian) and then I met up with Una at Crowbar (anmeldelse senere) and tried a lot of their self brewed beer before we moved on to Bushwick (in the basement of Rockefeller).

Saturday we had yet another pancake breakfast, tried to figure out what surf board (iPad or similar) I want and I did yet another round on finn.no for a flat. Oh, and then I went shopping! I bought two pairs of pants, pants! You know, I never wear pants, but that’s just because the ones I own are terribly uncomfortable. So now I have bought two pairs with crazy patterns (I am growing more colourful and crazy the older I get). Oh, and I finally got a pair of pointy pumps with metal tip, they’re even burgundy and kost m only 200NOK, very happy. The most important thing though is that I managed to find a bazer too, which was the reason why I went shopping… We had chicken and bean tortillas and Tone came over for beers. We had a laugh over the impossible quiz of Morgenbladet yet again and realized we are way better at American presidents and revolution than Norwegian mountains.

Sunday was all about apartment hunting. We first decided on where to go (which is the hard part, really), then went to see five apartments. We came home, talked and analyzed and finally decided that we didn’t want any of them. There was no trip to the gym, but some laundry, lasagna and Poirot. Oh, and detailed reading of Lonely Planet Italy 😉

This week is Easter holiday here, but I will work for three days and then we are going to Italy!

  • Monday we are packing and mom is coming over to talk about money and things.
  • Tuesday I have a skype meeting with the project leader of Explorer Belt 2014.
  • Wednesday we are invited to Erik’s uncle and aunt for dinner. I haven’t met them yet, so it will be nice to finally meet them.
  • Thursday morning we fly Ryanair ( 🙁 ) to Bergamo! We haven’t decided everything we want to do yet, but we are stopping by Pisa, Parma, Florence, Siena and a couple of wineyards. I can’t wait to go. Travelling with Erik is my favorite thing in the whole world.

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