Week 19

This weekend I was out on a hike with my scouts again. It was a challenge to keep spirits up and to help them master the skill that is hiking, but they are definately getting better at it.

On Friday we prepared equipment and I worked on some sessions for RoverNet. Saturday we started early, picking up the equipment, driving deep into Sørkedalen to meet the others. It was raining from early morning until 14 and we were all some place between damp and soaked. All the patroles in Oslo were competing to be the best in theoretical knowledge, knots, pioneering and first aid. During the day I walked around in the woods, helped scouts keep warm and dry and did some singing around the campfire. We walked home late that night, leaving the others to the fire and their tents.

Sunday was a magnificent sunny and warm day. There was a long breakfast, yet another skype meeting preparing sessions for RoverNet and a heap of to do’s. At 14 we went out and sat on the grass, reading Vogue/a book, just enjoying life. We had pizza at a sunny cafe at Torshov and I had a relaxing evening. It was a very good weekend and I finally feel relaxed about the next couple of weeks.

This week we’re signing the papers on the apartment and I’m going to sunny Malta!

Today I leave work an hour early to sign the papers on the apartment. After that I have to study more for my exam in R.
Tuesday we are going to see Beate’s exam in directing, exiting!
Wednesday hopefully has time for the gym.
Thursday is a bank holiday and in the evening I’m going to Malta!
The rest of the week I will be holding sessions and talking about the work and challenges of rover commissioners in WOSM. First time I’m in the planning team of this kind of event, so it is very exiting. The forecast says 23 degrees, so I’m bringing bathing suit, shorts and sunnies.

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